Deadlocks in SQL2008R2 due to DDL triggers

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We used DDL triggers in SQL 2005 for auditing purposes. When migrating to SQL2008R2, these DDL triggers generated deadlocks on system tables.

Our ETL process starts with launching multiple sub-packages in parallel each creating a number of temporary work objects (tables, views and even stored procedures (?)).  
There is also a DDL trigger that captures object CUD statements and logs them into a central database.

create trigger [ddltrig]
on database

This worked fine in SQL2005; but generates deadlocks in SQL2008R2 on sys.sysschobjs.

2011-06-08 09:01:04.45 spid24s       resource-list
2011-06-08 09:01:04.45 spid24s        keylock hobtid=281474978938880 dbid=11 objectname=ODT.sys.sysschobjs indexname=clst id=lock51eef8f00 mode=X associatedObjectId=281474978938880

Disabling the DDL trigger solved our problem.

We temporary disabled the DDL trigger and are investigation some build-in auditing options in SQL2008R2.

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