Federations in SQL Azure

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Playing around with SQL Azure for some days now.

I was hoping to find a solution for the never ending story of migrating old databases where nobody remembers what these databases are used for let alone how the client application behind it works. SQL Azure by definition would solve this issue together with lots of other maintenance inconveniences.

I was especially interested in the scale out mechanism of federations. This could compensate performance drawbacks inheritably linked with the cloud.

But my disappointment was big when performing my first set of tests. Federations are not transparent for the client application like partitions are in SQL Server

If you want to ‘federate’ a table, you need to be connected with one federation and so you will see only data within that federation when performing a SELECT *. More you first need to connect to the correct federation before inserting new data.

Conclusion, migration to SQL Azure using federations is not possible unless you plan to rewrite big portions of you data layer code, which is not an option for old databases.

Come on MS, you can do better than this!!!

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