CHECKPOINT generates timeout

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On my SQL2008R2 (RTM) instance I get following timeout error after 5 minutes when running a manual CHECKPOINT in TEMPDB:

Msg 845, Level 17, State 1, Line 2
Time-out occurred while waiting for buffer latch type 3 for page (1:763), database ID 2.

After inspecting waittimes, it appeared it was waiting for a PAGELATCH_UP on page 2:1:203. But subsequent tests gave me other pages as being blocked.

FYI: this is a SQL2008R2 server that has databases with read_committed_snapshot and allow_snapshot_isolation ON. It turns out that this only occurs when there are records in the version store. If version store is empty, checkpoint runs subsecond.

On SQL2012 this is not an issue either. I’ll try again after having installed the latest SP for SL2008R2.

To be contunued

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  1. geertdcod

    I installed SP2 on SQL2008R2 and the issue is solved

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