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Database is in transition

When trying to put some old SQL2000 databases offline using my SQL2012 SSMS, there was one that generated all kinds of unexpected errors. However the state of the DB stated running, no one could connect. Any connection using USE <DBName> generated  an error …Database is in transition… Turns out I was causing the problem myself. […]

Query cost not reliable when using FullText search

I activated fulltext search on a database and wanted to test following 3 queries: SELECT c1 as [key] FROM [dbo].[TableFullTextSearch] WHERE [DocContent] LIKE ‘%uncurbed%’; SELECT c1 as [key] FROM [dbo].[TableFullTextSearch] WHERE CONTAINS([DocContent], ‘uncurbed’); SELECT [key] FROM CONTAINSTABLE ([TableFullTextSearch], [DocContent], ‘uncurbed’); A Clustered index was put on [c1], a fulltext index was put on [DocContent]. Results […]