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Adapt location when creating a SSAS DB

Add <ddl100_100:DbStorageLocation>D:\SSASDATA\</ddl100_100:DbStorageLocation> to your CREATE Database XMLA script to overwrite the default DataDir storage setting. Advertisements

SSAS Backup-Restore

Suppose you need to backup/restore a SSAS DB to a different location, don’t start messing around with DataDir/BackupDir etc parameters but include full path names in your XMLA script like this. For Backup: <Backup xmlns=””>  SSASDBName <File>X:\SQL2008R2\SSASBACKUP\SSASDBName.abf</File> <AllowOverwrite>true</AllowOverwrite> <ApplyCompression>true</ApplyCompression> </Backup> For Restore: <Restore xmlns=””>  <File>X:\SQL2008R2\SSASBACKUP\SSASDBName.abf</File> <DatabaseName>SSASDBName</DatabaseName> <AllowOverwrite>true</AllowOverwrite> <DbStorageLocation xmlns=”″&gt; X:\SQL2008R2\SSASDATA\DbStorageLocation> </Restore>


1. Backup all SSAS DB’s 2. Stop SSAS Service 3. Move files under …\MSAS10_50.SQL2008R2\OLAP to <new location> 4. Change msmdsrv.ini (C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSAS10_50.SQL2008R2\OLAP\Config\) and replace <old location> with <new location> 5. Start SSAS Service